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How to quickly resize multiple images in Mac

We need to make the right format image before uploading to website

In this post, you will be able to resize images in bulk to a certain size of width in a fast way without any software or online websites.
Let’s open ‘automator’ application by go to the ‘Other’ section in your Mac computer.


By select the service icon, we are going to create our own way to achieve the task.

In the right side, go to Actions and click ‘Files & Folders’, then double click ‘Get Specified Finder Items’, this will Add action to build your workflow.


Here is the key thing we want to do is to scale images,which we can resize image.By click Photos-, the double click ‘Scale Images’



Select’Don’t Add’,in order to keep the old file or image after the task get processed.


By enter the size you want to resize and check the option to allow you enter value each time the task start to process.


To select the images to run the task.

Where you want your work to save? This will allow you to put the desired images to selected folder.Be sure to check the box “Show this action when the workflow runs”.

In the right corner, you click the ‘Run’,then the task will runs and it will give you all the options for your purpose. 

I have a video below to demostrate in a easy way, feel free to watch it and have fun.Do not forget to subscribe, More video will be shared and  you will get turned. 



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